UPS and Power Protection Solutions for Road, Rail and Transport

UPS Solutions for Road, Network Rail, Light Rail, Underground, Tram and Air Applications

Harland Simon is a provider of UPS Power Solutions for the transport sector: network rail, light rail, underground, tram and roadtraffic, including the Highways Agency.

We work with our customers in the transport sectors to ensure they receive the best products and support needed to meet with the specification supplied for uninterruptible power supply systems for rail, tram and traffic.

We have COTS UPS which we can integrate in to your / our enclosure of varying power rating and electrical operation, i.e. some wider operating temperatures than commercial grade UPS.  

These custom UPS systems can include conformal coating of PCB, a change of standard cables to LS0H, higher ingress protection to IP54 and beyond, anti-vibration or special paint finshes.

Harland Simon UPS LTD are partners of several UPS OEM and therefore can supply PADS UPS but some times these will not meet your specifications and so Harland Simon UPS LTD have in house design and manufacturing and so can custom make a system and help obtain relevant approvals as needed.


Aircraft and Runway UPS

Aircraft and Runway Lights UPS

Harland Simon has supplied a great number of Eaton AC UPS to support critical ground lighting at major UK airports.

In addition to UPS suitable for airport runway applications we also offer a Frequency Converter product.

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Rail and Tram UPS

Network Rail, Light Rail, LUL and Tram UPS

Harland Simon has supplied a selection of AC and DC UPS to support control communications and signalling equipment for the Croydon Tramlink and more recently NET in Nottingham to support ticket machines and electronic signage.

Harland Simon is able to provide Network Rail PADS Approved AC UPS and DC UPS which has been engineered specifically to provide optimum energy efficiency for high performance critical power applications in the most challenging operating environments.

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Road and Highways UPS

Road, Traffic Lights/Signals & Highways UPS

Harland Simon has a selection of UPS and long autonomy batteries suitable for the harsh extremes in temperatures that can occur in traffic signal boxes, car park barrier and ticket machine support systems.  

Our extreme temperature FXM UPS is recommended for outdoor applications including systems supporting Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

In partnership with Siemens Harland Simon has developed a roadside cabinet to support traffic lights at critical junctions. 

Harland Simon is the sole UK supplier of the NEW Lead Crystal Battery Technology being used by a major electrical company for their signal controls.

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Ships and Ferries UPS

Ship, Ferry and Marine UPS

Harland Simon has an extensive range of UPS products suitable for the marine environment.

Our UPS are currently in-situ on many marine vessels including the CalMac Ferry Service that runs passenger services in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

For detailed information on UPS suitable for ships and ferries please take a tour of our Marine UPS product pages.

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