Marine Approved UPS Systems

Client: Ferguson Shipbuilders
Project: CalMac Ferries
Supply: 7kVA Single Phase & 15kVA Three Phase Marine Approved UPS Sytems

Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd won a competitive tender contract worth £20 million to build two new diesel/electric hybrid ships for CalMac Ferries Ltd. and subsequently awarded the UPS contract to Harland Simon UPS Ltd. to supply the AC UPS systems.

7kVA Single Phase & 15kVA Three Phase Marine Approved UPS Systems for Ferguson Shipbuilders and Calmac FerriesCalMac operates 31 vessels on 25 routes providing a lifeline passenger, vehicle and shipping service to the Scottish West Coast and Clyde Estuary Islands.

The new ships required UPS systems to maintain essential supplies required to operate the vessel when in service which carries members of the public and therefore are required to meet or exceed certain statutory requirements, including in the case of the UPS systems Lloyds marine approval.

Harland Simon used its experience in designing bespoke systems to provide two AC UPS systems from the Harland ProtectUPS® - Marine range for each of the new ships, leveraging the benefits of utilising COTS UPS products from the Eaton product family.

The COTS products were packaged in Harland Simon’s IP54 marine enclosures, to provide a marine system capable of achieving Lloyds marine approval.

The solutions include 10 year design life batteries, manual bypass facilities, marine EMC filters and anti-vibration mounts.

Harland Simon manufactured the units and acquired the Lloyds Approval Certificate following a Factory Acceptance Test carried out in its Milton Keynes factory before shipping the units to Port Glasgow.

The hybrid ships are said to be more environmentally friendly than current models due to small diesel generators and electric battery banks reducing fuel consumption.

The first ship is expected to be operating by mid-2013 with the second following in 2014.

“Tec-Source EECS chose HSUPS as they offered commercially acceptable units which met our exacting technical and reliability criteria for what are very innovative diesel electric propelled vessels. As these vessels will operate a ‘lifeline’ service to the Western Islands reliability is vital in order to maximise availability of that service”,David Henderson, Project Manager, Ferguson Shipbuilders


  • Harland ProtectUPS® - Marine
  • 7 kVA Single Phase 9355 M
  • 15 kVA Three Phase EXRT
  • IP54 Enclosures
  • 10 year life batteries
  • Lloyds Approved

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Read what the press has to say:

Much has been reported on the progress of these two vessels since the news was revealed in February 2011.

BBC Scotland reported the launching of the first ferry, MV Hallaig in December 2012.

World Maritime News reported on the second hybrid ferry launch at Ferguson's Shipyard in May 2013.

To read about the project visit electrical specialists Tec-Source EECS.