Military and Defence Case Studies for Sea

1kVA/5 minute AC UPS

Harland Simon UPS built a 1kVA XP SMX UPS into a custom 3U rugged enclosure complete with stepped lid, 10 year batteries, RGB display and 10 way connectivity and fuse distribution.

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1kVA AC Console UPS

Harland Simon UPS designed and built 70 x 1kVA Naval power solutions from COTS modules for AISH Technologies, Poole.

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DC Power Supply MOD Ship's Radar

Harland Simon UPS designed a fully custom built military high specification DC power supply for an MOD ship radar.

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19" 6kVA Stainless Steel UPS

Harland Simon UPS designed a UPS system using COTS equipment to meet detailed customer specification and requirements on size, power, EMC and ruggedness.

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