Portable Rugged 3kVA AC UPS

Client: BAe Systems
Project: Talon
Supply: Portable Rugged 3kVA AC UPS

Talon Portable Rugged 3kVA AC UPS

Harland Simon UPS designed a UPS and battery module using COTS equipment to be suitable for harsh military applications and environments.

The design is to incorporate the UPS and battery modules into an EDAK military transportable case protected by IP67. In operation the UPS is still protected to IP43. The UPS has been tested for direct connection to a mobile generator via specified military connector and FEDPS Terminator.

The UPS and battery modules are easily field replaceable via HYPERTAC plug and mate connectors.

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  • Portable Military Application
  • 3kVA/2.1kW 10 minute High Performance
  • VRLA battery 6U EDAK Military Transport Case
  • Modular Design (3 x 2U modules. Max 35kg)
  • Independent Enviromental Testing
  • IP67/IP43
  • Miltary Connection
  • Fitted with FEDPS Protective Conductor Loop Monitoring
  • Project Management