Healthcare UPS Power Protection Solutions for NHS Estates | Facilities | IT Applications

Install a Harland Simon HPU-E Series UPS fitted with Lead Crystal® batteries

Harland Simon has been a specialist supplier to the National Health Service for over 15 years offering UPS power protection systems, providing best in class solutions giving excellent return on investment.

Tower and Rackmount Healthcare UPS systems provide backup of critical IT infrastructure without the ongoing maintenance and servicing costs.

The Healthcare UPS proposed can be supplied fitted with our Lead Crystal® batteries to provide maintenance free operation for at least 10 years giving the following benefits:

  • Routine maintenance costs reduced to zero | fit and forget
  • UPS with Lead Crystal® batteries at start of life requires no replacement for 7 to 10 years if temperature doesn’t exceed +40°C
  • Recurring capital costs are reduced
  • Battery installation and disposal costs are removed saving money and helping the environment
  • Air conditioning not required even when room temperature with LCB increases to +40°C -save energy


Cost Savings of Healthcare UPS fitted with Lead Crystal Batteries


*Figures based on a 2kVA Riello UPS with internal batteries and assuming UPS is located into Comms. cabinet at continuous +30°C.

*UPS fitted with Lead Crystal® batteries will perform for over 10 years with no maintenance or battery replacement.

*UPS fitted with VRLA batteries will need replacing every 2.5 years.

For standard Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries the lifespan is reduced by 50% for each 10°C above 20°C, so a 5 year design life battery will need replacing after approximately 2.5 years at continuous +30°C use.



Healthcare Site Wide UPS

For NHS sites with the requirement to provide alternative and resilient power sources the use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is critical to provide:

  • a ride through while alternative sources are selected or started in event of mains power failure
  • continual conditioning of incoming power to protect a wide range of sensitive equipment from all types of the 9 power anomalies


We are able to specify, install and maintain the latest UPS technology for the healthcare industry, using a wide range of products from the world’s top manufacturers.

We can select the best products from this range to provide:

  • resilience and ‘five 9’s’ availability delivered from modular and N+1 system designs
  • high efficiency systems providing real cost savings in energy costs over existing UPS systems
  • battery systems specified to deliver the required autonomy while ensuring that the selection of battery delivers the very best solution against a range of selection factors including cost, size and environmental conditions, etc.


Using the latest UPS and battery technology allows us to help ensure that the very highest environmental requirements are met in the manufacture, handling and disposal of equipment, while ensuring the security of critical hospital site and healthcare power systems.


Critical Areas UPS

Critical Hospital UPS

Hospitals utilise equipment for medical procedures that cannot be simply switched off or indeed interrupted during a surgical procedure.

Operating theatres, intensive care wards, scanning and imaging equipment must have secure supplies both to ensure high availability of the systems and to ensure the equipment can continue to function or be safely shutdown in the event of a power issue.

Every healthcare and medical facility is now totally reliant on its IT infrastructure for voice and data communications, transmitting/storing/viewing medical records, running the hospital environment and accessing wider NHS resources.

Providing secure power to the key data centres and network core devices is critical if the hospital is to function during power failures.

The same applies to any Healthcare site, we are able to specify, install and maintain solutions which will provide high availability, high power density system designs to support core IT infrastructure and key medical locations & medical equipment.


Local Support UPS

Local Support UPS

Although the main infrastructure components within a hospital or healthcare site are supported, the loss of local services can have a significant impact.

Individual IT cabinets housing access switches and local services provide both voice and data communications.

With unified communications both voice and data services are wholly reliant on the Local Area Network (LAN).

Outages on this critical network cannot be permitted.

We have developed ‘feel better’ Healthcare UPS solutions for the hospital IT director to allow UPS systems to be installed in each cabinet to provide a zero maintenance option in an environment which is often hostile to standard lead acid batteries.

Using our wide temperature, high cyclic, high performance Lead Crystal® Battery we can provide systems that will be maintenance free for 7+ years where other systems with standard batteries will fail after 1-2 years of use.

We save money, reduce maintenance costs and allow the hospital to protect the key local services.

Some of our own built products such as long runtime battery solutions provide support for critical local services such as printers and critical user devices.

We can provide systems which can support a printer or local device for many hours in a compact solution.


Portable Devices UPS

Portable Healthcare UPS

Harland Simon is a manufacturer of bespoke UPS systems for the Healthcare sector.

We are able to design, prototype and manufacture systems designed for specific applications within a healthcare or hospital environment including small portable UPS placed in a mobile trolley supporting sensitive equipment and laptops used for patient monitoring or providing communications services on the move is a key part of todays modern medical emergency services.

We can provide bed mounted or trolley mounted systems for a range of specific applications.