Lead Crystal® Batteries

Harland Simon strives to offer power solutions that are designed to meet various specifications and also last longer than alternative equipment. Batteries are at the heart of all AC and DC UPS standby power supplies and so Harland Simon offers a battery backup solution worthy of the application and environment.

The Lead Crystal® battery is now being used to backup supplies in marine, renewable energy, traffic and rail UPS applications but can also be used in other commercial applications requiring continuous electrical supplies i.e. data centres, CCTV, broadband & communications equipment.

The CNFJ lead crystal batteries range, is chosen in many cases as the technology enables us to offer a backup solution that can operate in both very cold and very hot environments. However, the battery will last as long as the design life of the electrical equipment it is installed in.

Other batteries we offer do operate in hot and cold environments and may offer an initial commercial cost saving but the life of the battery is often reduced significantly.

The Lead Crystal® range of batteries is designed for both cyclic and standby energy solutions however for high discharge/high current demand (DC motor) applications Harland Simon are offering the EVFJ range.

As with any battery you must follow the instructions as detailed within the user manual i.e. we recommend Quarterly and twice yearly actual load discharge test of the battery series and release 70% - 80% of the rated capacity DOD of the battery.  If this is not possible seek advice from our technical sales for alternative technologies of long life batteries.

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Lead Crystal Battery WebsiteFor more information on the full range of Form-Fit-Function Lead Crystal® batteries that we offer for our UPS systems please visit our dedicated site.

Customer Testimonial

B. Cuba, Siemens, Pretoria, "I will fully recommend using Lead Crystal® batteries on all types of industrial installations".


Alternative and Renewable Power

Mitsubishi Offshore Wind Turbine

Within all off-grid and back-up wind/PV or inverter electrical systems there will be storage batteries.

Their function is to balance the outgoing electrical requirements with the incoming power supply offering a reliable source of electricity which can be used when solar or wind power is not available.

Batteries are able to provide short term power output many times higher than the charging source output.

As batteries are often installed in outdoor enclosures they too can be subjected to the elements which have an effect on life.

Installing Lead Crystal® batteries will lessen this and consequently provide a lower total cost of ownership.

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Healthcare UPS

Healthcare Lead Crystal battery UPS

Within a typical NHS hospital trust the IT/Communications equipment along with other critical equipment must be kept operational at all times including AC mains power outages.

A standard UPS normally comes fitted with a 5 year design life battery which depending on the environment will last around 2 - 3 years.

Upgrading from a standard lead acid battery to a Lead Crystal® battery will increase the life of the system to match that of the UPS (7 - 10+ years) resulting in many years of maintenance free use.

A number of UPS fitted with Lead Crystal® batteries are currently being installed at North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust  to support their communication networks.

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Rail and Road UPS

Road Traffic Signalling UPS

The Lead Crystal® battery is selected over lead acid or GEL batteries if the UPS is to be installed within a harsh environment i.e. outside in the customer's enclosure.

Often rail and road applications require a system that is to be used in an outdoor enclosure.

These enclosures can be subjected to hot and cold temperatures which have an effect on service life of all batteries unless expensive environmental control equipment is installed, however the alternative option is to install Lead Crystal® batteries which are conducive to these extreme conditions as they offer a much lesser reduction in life even when used in constant +30°C to +40°C.

Backed up by a 3 year warranty as standard, the cost to maintain systems and the time to organise closures are further reasons to consider using Lead Crystal® batteries providing 3  -5 x longer service life equating to several years of maintenance free use.

Our Lead Crystal® batteries are currently being used in the Siemens Intersection Roadside UPS and Nottingham Tramlink installations.

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Water UPS

Water Lead Crystal Battery UPS

Lead Crystal® batteries are a new technology of battery based on conventional lead acid but using a much lower acid content replaced by a new patented chemical which causes the electrolyte to turn to crystals.

This means the Lead Crystal® battery, as it contains no water can continue to work as low as -40°C and as high as +65°C as it will not freeze or dry out.

In the utilities sector using Lead Crystal®batteries ensures peace of mind for all security applications around sewage and water treatment sites where companies have to meet SEMD requirements for the protection of the infrastructure.

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