IP54 + IP55 enclosures for Protected Power Solutions in Harsher Environments

Harland Simon UPS LTD has extended its range of UPS “Power Protection Systems” suitable for harsher environments, HarlandProtectUPS®.

At our Milton Keynes manufacturing facility we now offer a range of IP54 for Harsh Indoor Environments and IP55 for outdoor applications.

Our Enclosures have been TESTED / APPROVED to BS EN 60529, 1992, IPX4 (Protection Against Splashing Water) & IP5X (Protection Against Solid Foreign Objects, DUST Protected)

Wall Mounted 1-3 KVA – IP54

Floor Standing Enclosures from 3KVA to 300KVA (IP54/IP55)



300KVA IP54 picture

To see our Extensive Range of IP54 UPS solutions visit HERE.  The enclosure is suitable for a range of COTS UPS, WIMES 3.07 compliant.

General Range of IP54 UPS enclosures visit HERE

Available with a range of Battery Solutions to meet with the Autonomy as required.



Date: 05/04/2017