EATON 9130 End Of Life Notification






Eaton is announcing that the Eaton 9130 UPS range and Eaton EX 700-1500 UPS range will be officially transitioned to End-of-Life on September 30, 2018.

As a user of the EATON 9130 series of UPS we wanted to provide you with early notification of the End Of Life of this product.

The EOL is to also enable Eaton to change part numbers and to bring more commonality across the full range.


The 9130 R (Rack Mount UPS)    has the 9PX as the replacement which is already in production and being sold,  1-3KVA 230VAC / 230VAC

The NEW UPS will be the 9SX 700VA to 6000VA which will basically be a Form Fit Function replacement to the current 9130 series.

Once the product has been fully released we will be able to provide full specs, but not available for general release yet, but if you have any questions please contact us and we will answer them.

Points to Note:-

  • There will be some new features added to the 9SX Range – Details to follow (will be added to web in near future)
  • There will be 120VAC / 120VAC (LOW VOLT) 9SX / 9PX available
  • There will be a cable kit available for connection 9130 UPS to new EBM and the reverse i.e. New UPS to old EBM (same DC BUS)
  • Ready for Global deployment : European models (I) are now UL listed and will also have BIS (India certification) in Q4 2018
  • The EOL does not apply to the 9130 MARINE series this has not had an EOL as of yet, but will once replacement bought on line.

If you have purchased a 9130 series UPS from HS  UPS LTD and we have carried out a modification this product for you and you wish to discuss logistics – again please contact HS UPS LTD to discuss

Please contact or call 01908 565656 (option 1) to dicuss any UPS requirements you may have

Eaton EOL 9130 official Notification

Date: 21/06/2018