True Value of an On-line UPS

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is so much more than just a battery in a box, providing some back-up when there is a power failure, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

This is an obvious feature of the UPS and is very important as critical loads must be supported at all times with UPS/Battery Packs and Generators, even in total blackout situations.

There are different topology for different applications but a TRUE ON-LINE UPS is the only technology that will protect your equipment from ALL the below POWER RELATED PROBLEMS. 

The components within the TRUE ONLINE UPS are all rated for continuous operation, hence they are designed for Critical Applications / Sensitive equipment (loads)

So a TRUE ON LINE UPS will protect your equipment from these power problems, avoiding expensive damage with the added feature of the battery saving down time. 

The battery autonomy selected needs to be adequate to support the time to allow a correct shutdown of your load.

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(We have used Eaton as a resource, of which we are a VAR, for this article, of which Eaton use the 3/5/9 which represents their UPS range & technology)


True On - Line Topology


Date: 17/01/2018