UPS and Power Protection Solutions for Power Generation

High Temperature UPS Solutions for Electric, Gas, Nuclear, Wave/Tidal, Wind and Alternative Power

Harland Simon is a provider of UPS Power Solutions to the Power Generation sector covering the electric, gas, nuclear and renewables (alternative) industries where a backup uninterruptible power supply is critical to the continuing service provided by these energy suppliers.

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing uninterruptible power supply systems built to withstand the harsh environments usually presented at the majority of these sites is based on years of listening and working closely with the customer.

Harland Simon has developed the Harland ProtectUPS® - Industrial range of extremem and high temperature UPS specifically for these hostile conditions, often sited in remotely located sites.

A standard UPS is built to provide up to 10 years uninterruptible supply, however the standard batteries do not provide the same length of service so require regular maintenance and replacement.

Our Lead Crystal® batteries operate from -40°C to +65°C and will last longer than the UPS so along with other customisation the Harland ProtectUPS® - Industrial range comes with many options specific to the end application. It incorporates special features and modifications using worldwide supported rugged commercially available modules and components, all built into IP20-IP54 rated enclosures and designed to meet varying levels of safety/EMC requirements.

Benefits of a Harland ProtectUPS® - I:

  • Lead Crystal® Batteries
  • Outdoor AC UPS IP Rated Enclosure Systems
  • Extended Runtime Battery Solutions
  • Exteme Cold & High Temperature UPS
  • 1 kVA – 800 kVA UPS
  • Maintenance, Service and Disposal



Power Stations (Electric/Gas/Nuclear)

Electrical and Nuclear Power UPS

Harland Simon UPS has been supplying industrial high IP systems for use in power stations for many years to various customers including National Grid and SSE.

In recent years HSUPS has been involved in major projects which require UPS back-up of additional critical equipment (barriers, electric fencing, CCTV, controllers and comms.) to ensure continuous operation of this equipment when there are power failures at the site.

A range of true online UPS systems ranging from 1 kVA to 800 kVA and IP20-IP54 designed to meet varying levels of safety/EMC requirements are available.

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Wave and Tidal Power

Wave and Tidal Power UPS

Wave and tidal power generation is fast becoming a major source of alternative energy providing a near 24/7 guaranteed supply of power, however, this is also one of the most demanding in terms of design due to the location of the equipment i.e. often on the sea bed.

When designing the UPS system, space, operating conditions, vibration, gassing and maintenance are all factors to be considered to supply continued power at critical moments such as when the turbine is being dropped or retrieved and controlling of the PLC and other critical equipment during loss of the utility power.

Harland Simon offers a UPS system from the Harland ProtectUPS® product family which consists of a fully integrated rugged UPS and batteries designed for low maintenance and to operate in these harshest of environments.

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Wind Power

Renewables UPS

Many renewable systems are typically located in harsh outdoor locations therefore specific attention to the suitability and robustness of the equipment to be installed in these environments is critical.

Harland Simon’s range of Harland ProtectUPS® incorporates a high temperature UPS and extreme temperature battery system to sit in the nacelle at the top of the turbine tower to provide backup power in the event of mains power failing thus ensuring the safe and continued operation of the wind turbine.

To achieve the full functionality of the wind turbine there are a large number of electrical and electronic equipment elements required to ensure the safe and reliable generation of power including: main control computer, I/O modules, relays and components for monitoring and control of the wind turbine, equipment dedicated to the continuous remote monitoring of wind turbine operation, the hub computer to control pitching of blades frequency converter, yaw motor protection systems power converter (full or dual fed), filters, phase compensation electronics, Harland Simon UPS wide temperature, rugged, high IP, online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) communications computer, network and SCADA monitoring and control equipment, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage distribution control equipment.

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Other Alternative/Renewable Power

Alternative_Renewable Energy UPS

Harland Simon has the manufacturing capability to take a COTS UPS and redesign it to meet the specification to include IP54 enclosures, anti-vibration mounts and output distribution to suit the harshest of conditions.

Other Alternative Power



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